Naughty sex advices

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We know that the brave girls like you are always ready for lewd challenge: to achieve the status of Cosmo Sex Ninja with our master techniques that remove any restrictions.

You read Cosmo, so we know that you want to do sex as possible exciting. And according to the best experts, the key to you and your partner have met, is constantly raising the bar. How is it possible? Having become what we call sex ninja – a woman who became familiar objects in sex toys, she knows how to be creative and to have sex in unusual places and can even play the completely different woman in the bedroom. In other words, master of mischief.

“To try new approaches and crazy sex not only keeps things interesting – when you’re the adventurous type, this is very exciting for both of you,” says Dr. Jan Karnar author of Strastnitsa (Passionista). Here we offer seven advanced approach that will bring down on his knees, with erotic variations for each one to change from action and keep things hot and exciting.