More sex advices for women

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it 14 tips for men on how to return fire:
1. Buy her sexy stockings and suspenders.
2. Keep your squirrel. If you experience fear of waxing of this delicate place, Shearing January
3. dance in his lap or do a striptease. This does not mean that you have to spend much money on clothes – just slow and sexy remove his clothes.
4. you really can stir it, he send flirty messages. Write him something like: “I can not wait to go home – I have a surprise for you.” And when you go – give him a surprise.

5. If you are separated by distance – try phone sex. You may initially seem strange, but eventually could be a great way to keep the fire in your relationship.
6. Try something new. If your man is not very good in bed, try new poses.

7. Without inhibitions. The man you really will feel satisfied if he knows that what makes you crazy. Just relax and enjoy one another – without shyness and inhibitions. Nobody looks in the bedroom (of course, you need to have descended curtains).
8. Take him. Take his hand and put it wherever you want.
9. As women love mixed orgasm (more than one part of the vagina is stimulated at the same time) and men. Try to make him masturbating or oral sex while playing with his testicles.
10. Speak dirty. If you’re not used to, you may feel a bit awkward, but the more often you do it, the easier it will be. This can excite you.
11. Use of sex toys – remember that they can be used for many things. Stimulate them shaft of the penis while masturbating him do to reach new heights of orgasm.
12. Sex surprise. Put his favorite underwear and meet him at the door when he comes home from work. No matter how tired, can not you resist.
13. Join him in the shower or tub. Just be careful with wet surfaces at a stormy sex to no incidents.
14. Bring a bunch of pillows in the bedroom. They will help you to try and enjoy new positions.