Sex advices from men

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When they began to kiss, gently put his hand on my neck. Gently, but sexy.

Martin, 34

You moistened his lips and say passionately that you can not wait to taste me.

Peter, 22

Once a former comes in bed naked and wet T-shirt. Jump my jaw dropped.

Nikolai, 30

He leaned against a cabinet and give your butt back to back. Definitely I obeyed.

Ivan, 23

My ex sprayed his shirt while washing the dishes. Once I saw her nipples had not touched them.

Kostadin 22

Seeing a woman to put his lips on the bottle of beer, always imagine her lips are on me.

Peter, 21

If we’re a busy place, holding his hips to my butt and rub me.

Ivan, 25

Men will want to come with you to the market if you play them in the locker room when you measure clothes – especially when buying lingerie.

Nicholas, 21

When I got a big promotion, my girlfriend said the whole evening will satisfy me with his mouth.

Martin, 32

When you’re in the mood, take my hand and stuck it between his legs to feel how wet. The male brain is programmed always to respond to this.

Stanley, 26

Once the phone in my office rang and I heard when I raised my girlfriend is satisfied at home and how she is nice.

Dimitar 28

Climb up on the bed with an innocent expression and then makes filth. Dream of man is to have a woman who looks innocent but is in bed fury.

Cyril, 25