Addicted to a vibrator is it possible?

Hello, I am a girl of 18 years. 15 years of sex but had never reached to the real orgasm. A month ago I had a birthday and my classmates gave me … dildo. Supposedly a joke, but still I get it home and hid them from our in my […]

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Sex advices from men

When they began to kiss, gently put his hand on my neck. Gently, but sexy. Martin, 34 You moistened his lips and say passionately that you can not wait to taste me. Peter, 22 Once a former comes in bed naked and wet T-shirt. Jump my jaw dropped. Nikolai, 30 […]

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More sex advices for women

it 14 tips for men on how to return fire: 1. Buy her sexy stockings and suspenders. 2. Keep your squirrel. If you experience fear of waxing of this delicate place, Shearing January 3. dance in his lap or do a striptease. This does not mean that you have to […]

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Naughty sex advices

We know that the brave girls like you are always ready for lewd challenge: to achieve the status of Cosmo Sex Ninja with our master techniques that remove any restrictions. You read Cosmo, so we know that you want to do sex as possible exciting. And according to the best […]

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US researchers found that oral sex increases the intelligence of women.

Researchers from New York found that oral sex can make women smarter and calmer. After a study of women aged between 25 and 55 years it was found that there is a connection between love life and levels of intelligence. It turns out that the lovers of this kind of […]

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Masturbating in numbers

Two-thirds of actively masturbating women do three times a week. 41% of men and women were picked up his partner in “rakobludstvo.” 40% of men and 30% of women who have a partner, prefer to samoudovletvoryavaneto sex with him. 63% of Americans indicate bedroom as a favorite place for “solo […]

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