Female Orgasm


The female orgasm is much more complex than male, but in fact only 10% of women worldwide are physically unable to test him. Therefore, if you do not receive, see if any of these reasons, you do not interfere.

You did not say exactly what you want
Only 15-20% of women experience orgasm, without stimulating the clitoris to them. Men, however, watching porn actress orgasm with ease, think sex is just something their partner can not but be satisfied. “Today people think that sex is like going to the doctor – something like” I do not know what happens, but you should be able to do something, “said Dr. Gary Wood, a clinical psychologist. Communication is very important, but do not be doing him excel table on the case. Just point it, if you must, take his hand and put it in the right place.
You have no idea what you like
If you do not know what brings you to orgasm, you will not get it. “Masturbation is a good option to explore myself, and then to direct toward your partner,” advises Dr Helen Nightingale, behavioral psychologist. If you need some gugalni techniques, read a book about sex, look at porn or fantasize about something that excites. Be ready to share with your partner where you come to, turn off your phone and surrender entirely to pleasure.

Too many think it
If you constantly think that I will get an orgasm or not, your body will be under stress, and receives signals from which are breaded more. “When your body is struggling with panic, your breathing is shallow, your muscles are tense, and orgasm will not come,” says Dr. Wood. You need to relax, stop thinking about anything, and to dedicate the pleasure of sex. Do not strive to orgasm at all costs! A woman needs on average 20 minutes foreplay (emotional and physical) +20 minutes of sex with clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. So … not weird, just maybe his more strenuous than necessary.

There is a tension between the sheets
If your partner constantly asks you close to orgasm, and when it will end, the voltage will become greater. “Couples should enjoy sex and not planned it like a military operation, expected large victory,” says Dr. Wood. Dr. Nightingale advises you more tense couples to try tantric sex (Tantra means deepening intimacy and increasing pleasure, so to get the most out of your sex life), which will lead to total relaxation, no worries how it will over.

You do not feel sexy
“If you have low self-esteem, and still worry about how you look in this or that position, or have any problems in your life, you will not get,” says Dr. Nightingale. In such cases, do not imitate orgasm – usually women do so to pretend to be very sexy and excited. However, if you feel good in bed, sought problem beyond. 75% of udovosltvieto in the head, 25% is physical. Ask yourself why you do not feel sexy, why do not you like, and if you find the reason – try to remove it. If you your partner makes you feel bad and dislikes, why still with him?

It is not for you
If you have trouble connecting orgasm will not be easy. “You would not have to sleep with him. Fantasized sex rarely leads to orgasm, “says Dr. Nightingale. It all boils down to the level of intimacy between partners. If no good connection orgasms will not have them. It is important to be relaxed, to free your mind, and if you do not feel comfortable with the person next to you, you can not get to the end.

You take antidepressants
These little pills might have a positive anxiety and depression you, but will also leave you orgasms only in your memories. If you did manage to reach orgasm, it will take much longer for it than usual. Cry sex toys help – the more you masturbate, the more likely it is to get to the end. “Depression reduces sexual desire of any person, but not impossible to get an orgasm” – says Dr. Woods, and added – “I’ll just have more patience, and indulgence in the pleasures of masturbation, no focus on what will get you orgasm will not you. “