You dont want to know


In reality, however, is not always so, and there are quite disturbing and hilarious situations in bed, that happen to absolutely everyone. Here are 10 of them!

It may occur in blood in rough sex, or cycle to your surprise. Do not worry about a few stains on the sheet, it happens.

Hope moaning loud enough to not be heard if it happens. At best, it will become a comic situation.

To overestimate oral sex
Sometimes you think that you can handle, but his penis turns out to be bigger than your stomach can bear, and gets nausea and suffocation. Just be careful and do not rush.

Lost pad
If you quickly come to bed, you might forget that you pad. Take it from the sunny side, he pulled out the wick and continue on the merits.

Vaginal sounds
These sounds resemble pratskane – air escapes when very wet, which in turn means that you spend great. Do not worry, it happens constantly and every woman.

Another thing that nobody wants to talk, but actually happens 24% of women. The reason is weak and irritable bladder.

Purple labia
Normally during arousal shame lips change color from pink to red, and even to dark purple.

Women with large experience say that is normal and that happen, or at least you think happened. Often only feeling that makes you want to sink with shame, but it turns out false – touching with hand, you realize that everything is fine.

Dirty linen
You may be unpleasantly surprised by what you find in your underwear while you undress confident and sexy. Therefore, it is best to remove it in dim light without much artistry.

After drunken night, and this can happen. Keep a towel beside the bed in case.